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Record: The Baptism of Moise Meloche


Moise Meloche was my great great grandfather. This is an excerpt from the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic church in Riviere-aux-Canards (Windsor), Ontario, detailing his baptism.

Moise Joseph Thomas Meloche
Le 8 juillet 1900 a de baptise Moise Joseph Thomas ne le 5 du legitime mariage de Henri Meloche et de Cecile Meloche. Parrain et marraine Remi Meloche et Charlotte Beneteau Elie Bondy et son epouse.

J. Marseille, ptre.

Document: 1901 Census of Canada, Henri and Cecile Meloche

Meloche, Moise - 1901 Canada Census

Province: Ontario
District No.: 60
SubDistrict No.: B
Polling subdivision No.: 3
in: Anderdon Twp
April 5, 1901

Head of Household
Born 10 Oct 1862
Aged 38
Born in Ontario, Canada
Race: French
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Gamekeeper

Wife Cecilia
Children Alice, Raymond, Ernest, Rose, Lea, Charles and Moses

Here’s an excerpt from the 1901 census of Canada regarding my great great grandfather Moise Meloche and his family. He was just an infant at the time this census was taken, living with his parents Henri and Cecile in Anderdon township, Essex County, Ontario. More specifically, River Canard, where his father earned money as a gamekeeper (in a later census, he is listed as a gamekeeper and a farmer, so I think we can assume they had crops as well).

Interestingly, due to it’s marshy land, River Canard was a popular place for the muskrat farming industry. This may sound a little strange today, but fur trading was still a major industry, and muskrat pelts were a hot commodity! So as a “game keeper” in this area, Henri may have been a muskrat farmer!

I found this record at Ancestry.com, in their 1901 Census of Canada collection.

Document: Maddalena DeGrandis’ Border Crossing

Maddalena Border Crossing

Port of Detroit, Michigan June 26, 1928
Family Name: Morianti
Given Name: Maddalena
Accompanied by: Husband Arnaldo
Age: 44 years, 7 months
Sex: F
Married or Single: M
Occupation: Housewife
Place of Birth: Castelfranco, Italy
Nationality: Canada
Born: Italian
Read and write: yes
Languages spoken: Italian
Money shown: None
Last Permanent Residence: Canada, Windsor
Destination: Detroit, Michigan
Passage paid by: Husband
Ever in U.S.: ?
Going to join: Sister Josephine DeGrandis 11821 Russell St, Detroit
Purpose in coming: to visit
Height: 5 ft, 2 inches (?)
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Blk
Eyes: Brown
Name and address of nearest relative or friend in the country from whence alien came: Friend Mr. Carasin, 331, Wellington St, Windsor
Port of Landing: New York
Date of Landing: 1920
Name of S.S.: Ancona

This is a record of my great great grandmother Maddalena DeGrandis crossing the US/Canada border at Windsor/Detroit, apparently to visit her sister Josephine (Giuseppina in Italian). I am not sure if Josephine really was her biological sister though. I did find records for Giuseppina as well, noting her birthplace as Castelfranco Veneto.  However, in her marriage record to an Edward Barduca, her parents are not the same DeGrandis couple in this record as Maddalena’s. Perhaps they were actually cousins?

I found this record on Ancestry.com, in their collection “Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957

Document: Ontario Marriage Registration of Moise Meloche and Corinne Bessette

Bessette, Corinne - Ontario Marriage

Name of Husband: Moise Meloche
Name of Wife: Corinne Bessette
on the 18 day of October, 1920
at the Roman Catholic Church of Loiselleville, Ontario
in the county of Essex
Occupation of Husband: Farmer
Occupation of Wife: Farmer
Bachelor or Widow: B
Spinster or widow: S
Age of Husband: 20
Age of Wife: 17
Religious Denomination: Roman Catholic for both
Residence: Loiselleville
Full Name of Husband’s Father: Henri Meloche
Full Name of Wife’s Father: Louis Bessette
Occupation of Husband’s Father: Farmer
Occupation of Wife’s Father: Farmer
Name and Maiden Name of Husband’s Mother: Cecile Meloche
Name and Maiden Name of Wife’s Mother: Eliza Gagnon
Names and Addresses of Witnesses: Jose Bessette, Loiselleville, Ont / Stela Meloche, Loiselleville, Ont.
Name, Address and Denomination of Person Solemnizing Marriage: Rev. W. Roy, Loiselleville, Ontario

Moise Meloche and Corinne Bessette are my great great grandparents. They were my father’s mother’s mother’s parents.  They lived in an area that is now part of Windsor, Ontario, but back then was called Loiselleville.  The community was only called Loiselleville for a short period of time in the early 1900’s, the area was originally Rivière aux Canards, and today is called “River Canard”, an anglicized version. They were married in St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, which still stands today and holds mass in French.

This record was found on Ancestry.com, in their Ontario, Canada, Marriages 1801-1928 collection

Document: Ontario Birth Registration of Marie Helene Belleperche


When Born: Feb 4th, 1882
Name: Mary Ellen
Sex – Male or Female: F
Name and Surname of Father: Henry Belleperche
Name and Maiden Surname of Mother: Mathilde Robert
Rank or Profession of Father: Farmer
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Henry Belleperche, Sandwich East
When Registered: Feb 20th
Name of Accoucheur: Mrs. Paquette
Signature of Registrar: Jos. Janisse

Marie Helene (Mary Ellen) Belleperche was my great great grandmother, my father’s father’s mother’s mother.  She was born Feb 4, 1882 in Tecumseh, or Sandwich East Township, Essex County, Ontario. Her name, as well as her father’s (Honore is his official name) have been anglicized in this record, which was not uncommon to do.

Her Ontario Birth Registration record was found on Ancestry.com, in their collection “Ontario, Canada, Births 1869-1913”.

Record: Edmond Langlois’ Baptism

Edmond Langlois

Baptism 63
Joseph Elie Edmond Langlois
La dix huit septembre, mil huit cent quatre vingt deux, par nous pretre soussigne a ete baptise Joseph Elie Edmond, ne la meme jour du legitime mariage d’Antoine Langlois et Emma Mailloux. Le parrain a ete Louis Mailloux. La marraine Julienne Gignac.

Joseph Elie Edmond Langlois was my great great grandfather, my father’s father’s mother’s father.  He was born September 18, 1882 in Sandwich West Township, Essex County, Ontario, which would become modern day Windsor.  He was baptised at Assumption church the same day as he was born, and his Godparents were Louis Mailloux and Julienne Gignac.

I found his baptism record in Assumption’s church books, which are part of the Ontario Drouin Collection, an effort by the Institut Généalogique Drouin to microfilm French Catholic church records. The Drouin Collection is available on Ancestry.com.

Ancestor Story: Edmond Langlois

My great great grandfather (my father’s father’s mother’s father) Edmond Langlois was born September 17, 1882 in Sandwich West, Essex County, Ontario. His parents were Anthony Langlois and Emma Salome Mailloux. He was baptized “Joseph Elie Edmond” the day after his birth at Assumption church in Sandwich, his godparents were Louis Mailloux and Julienne Gignac.

His father was a farmer, and he also became a farmer. On the census of 1891 when he was 8 years old, he lived with his father, mother, older brother Denis, father’s 65 year old cousin Sophie Belleperche and father’s brother in law, 57 year old Thomas Mailloux, as well as two domiciles, Agnes Reaume and Joseph Dufour. They lived on a lot in Sandwich West Township, North Essex County, part of what would become the city of Windsor, Ontario.

Ten years later in 1901, all the same people resided in the household, minus the domiciles. On October 13, 1903 Edmond married Marie Helene “Lillie” Belleperche in Assumption church. On the 1911 census, Edmond lived at lot 71, 2nd concession in Sandwich West township with his wife, their first two daughters, and his brother Denis.

At the time of the 1921 Census of Canada, Edmond, his wife and their four children lived at 31 Elm Ave. in the city of Windsor. Edmond was employed as a motorman, the driver of an electric street car. Windsor was the first city in Canada to have an electric streetcar system. It was introduced in 1886 and operated until the Great Depression in the 1930’s, when the city could no longer afford to maintain it. Plus, Windsor was now the hub of Canada’s automotive industry, and vehicle ownership was comparatively high, pushing out public transit.

Edmond died December 7, 1952 at age 70.