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Document: The marriage of Danylo Koszlak and Anna Bruchanska

After some postal difficulties, I received the marriage certificate of my great great grandparents Danylo Koszlak and Anna Bruchanska from the Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency. So, voila:

The penmanship is somewhat difficult to read, but here’s my transcription:

Registration Division of: Beausejour Brokenhead
1. Name of GROOM (surname first): Surname: Koschlak; Given name: Danyto Danylo
2. Rank or profession: farmer
3. Bachelor, widower or divorced: bachelor
4. Age: 23
5. Religious denomination: gr. cat
6. Usual residence: Brokenhead T. 14, R.8, m.29
7. Name and surname of father: Prokop Koschlak
8. Rank or profession of father: farmer
9. Name and maiden name of mother: Chrystina Fink
10. Name of BRIDE (surname first): Surname: Bruchanska, Given name: Anna
11. Rank or profession: farmer
12. Spinster, widower or divorced: spinster
13. Age: 19
14. Religious denomination: gr. cat
15. Usual residence: Brokenhead
16. Name and surname of father: Dmytro Bruchanski
17. Rank or profession of father: farmer
18. Name and surname of mother: Nastia Rozdobudko
19. When married: 10th day of February, 1914
20. Where married: Brokenhead Church of the Holy Ghost
21. How married (license or banns; if by license, give number): Banns
22. Names and addresses of witnesses: Name: Nykola Rostlinkski; Address: Brokenhead T.14, R.7, m.13; Name: Michal Wialogowski; Address: Brokenhead, T.14, R.8, m.31
23. Signature, address and religious denomination of person solemnizing marriage: The above-stated particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature of officiating clergyman: Rev. Eaudraibuim (sp?); Address: Beausejour; Religious denomination: gr. cat
24. Registered number: 14. Filed at this office this: 5th 3 4th day of Feb March, 1914

This also further confirms that Danylo and Mary Faduck were siblings, since their parental information is the same on this marriage certificate and Mary’s death certificate.

Document: The 1920 Canadian Census – Koszlak Family

Bruchanski, Anna - 1921 Canada Census

The sixth census of Canada was taken in June of 1921. Here I found my great great grandfather Danylo Koszlak and his family. Just five years earlier on the 1916 Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta they were living on a farm in the RM of Brokenhead. But by 1921 they had moved to nearby Beausejour town. Here’s the details of the census record:

Dan, Annie, Mike, Pete and Mary
Dan was the head of the house, Annie his wife, Mike and Pete were sons and Mary a daughter
Dan was 33, Annie 30, Mike 7, Pete 5, Mary 2
Dan and Annie were born in Austria, the children in Manitoba
All identified as Austrian in ethnicity
Dan came to Canada in 1910, Annie in 1912
Dan and Annie had not become Canadian citizens yet
No one could read or write
All could speak Polish
All were of Roman Catholic faith
Dan worked as a carpenter on odd jobs, no one else worked


Document: The 1916 Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Canada’s prairie provinces saw a large population boom. In addition to taking the census every 10 years(1851, 1861, 1871, etc) as was done for all of Canada at the time, it was decided to take an extra census every 5 years for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta (1906, 1916, etc until 1956 when all of Canada was polled every 5 years) to help keep track of the blooming population.

This is the 1916 entry for the Koszlaks:

Family #97 in Brokenhead Regional Municipality (Township 14, Range 8, Meridian E)
Family head: Daniel Koslak(26 years), wife: Any Koslak(24 years), son: Mich Koslak(2 years) and son: Peter Koslak(10 months)
Birthplaces: Daniel and Any born in Austrian Galicia, Michael and Peter born in Manitoba
Family’s religion: Greek Catholic
Daniel and Any came to Canada in 1912. Citizenship: Austrian for Daniel and Any, Canadian for Michael and Peter
Family’s ethnicity: Ruthenian
Can speak English: only Daniel
Can speak French: none
Family’s mother tongue: Ruthenian
Can read and write: just Daniel
Occupations: Daniel was a farmer, none for the rest
Where was he employed: at a farm

So there’s not a whole lot of new information here on this census except for but approximate birth years for Anna(1891), Michael(1914) and Patrick(1916). Nevertheless, the more reinforcing documentation you can find, the better!

Sunday’s Obituary: Daniel Koslack

Winnipeg Free Press, Monday, February 13, 1967

Daniel Koslack

On February 11, 1967, in Beausejour, Daniel Koslack, aged 77 years, beloved husband of Annie Koslack of Beausejour. Prayers will be said on Monday, February 13, at 8:00pm in the Russell Funeral Home in Beausejour. Requiem High Mass to be sung at 10:30am Tuesday, February 14 in the St. Vladimir Greek Orthodox church, 5th St. N, Beausejour, Manitoba, Rev. S. Jarmus officiating. Interment in the Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Beausejour. Born in Austria, Mr. Koslack came to Canada 57 years ago. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, Pat of Beausejour and Michael of Windsor, Ontario; one daughter, Mrs. George P. Nutt of Windsor, Ontario; one sister, Mrs. George Faduck of Minneapolis; five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Russell’s Funeral Home Ltd., phone 60, Beausejour in care of arrangements.

Mappy Monday: RM Of Brokenhead, Manitoba

In trying to pinpoint the exact location my great great grandfather Danylo Koszlak lived (at least in the beginning of his time in Canada) I turned to the 1916 Canadian Census. Daniel Koslak, wife Annie and sons Michael and Peter/Patrick lived in Manitoba – Section 12, Township 14, Range 8, Meridian E.

To me, that’s just a bunch of letters and numbers. The Rural Municipality of Brokenhead is a large district surrounding a separately governed city of Beausejour. I had been told Danylo lived in “Brokenhead”, but that could be anywhere in the municipality!

Luckily, the Government of Canada’s website has an online, searchable database of Land Grants of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and a tiny portion of British Columbia. Unfortunately, no records of Koszlaks (in any form of it’s spelling!) turned up. But, you can search by those crazy numbers and letters I talked about above as well. Again, no information regarding the ownership of this land, or any surnames attached to it are available, but there is a map!

Section 12, Township 14, Range 8, Meridian E refers to an area north of the town of Beausejour, right on the Brokenhead River. It contains the villages of Brokenhead and Ladywood.

What I can glean from this, is that I can say that Danylo Koszlak and family, at least at one point in 1916, lived in or near the actual village of Brokenhead, and not just the larger, surrounding municipality. This strengthens my beliefs that they attended Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic church (pictured HERE).

(click to enlarge) Brokenhead on the top right corner. Winnipeg on the bottom left.

Sunday’s Obituary: Annie Koslack

Annie Koslack, nee Bruchanski, was my great great grandmother.

Annie Koslack

February 14, 1974 at Riverview Hospital, Windsor, Ontario, formerly residing at Beausejour, Man. Widow of the late Daniel Koslack, 1967, dear mother of Michael and Mrs. George Nutt (Marie) of Windsor, Ont., and the late Patrick, 1970 of Beausejour. She is also mourned by five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Resting at Russell’s Funeral Home, Beausejour, Man. Saturday, February 16. Interment Monday morning February 18.