The Baptism of Magdalena Koszlak

Great news for anyone researching Ukrainian genealogy!
Metrical records have been digitized and are available everywhere for browsing online at (Prior to now, this was possible only from computers within FamilySearch Centres).
I’ve begun browsing through for siblings of my Ukrainian 3x great grandparents Prokop Koszlak, Krystyna Fink, Dmytro Bruchanski and Nastia Rozdobudko. The records are detailed enough to mention parents, mothers maiden names, grandparents, and sometimes even grandmother’s maiden names!


Magdalena Koszlak, born August 1, 1852 and baptized the same day. Delivered by midwife Maria Patamar. Daughter of the legitimate marriage of labourer Georgius Koszlak and Parasceva, the daughter of Danielis Drepko and Maria Duda. Godparents/witnesses to the baptism were Condratus Sulatyski, farmers Elisabetha and Michaelis Jakubowsky.

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