52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Antoine Hyacinthe Deshetres

Antoine Hyacinthe Deshetres was born October 15, 1737 in what is now Niles, Michigan. At the time of his birth, it was a French settlement called Fort de la Riviere St-Joseph (des Miamis). His mother was named Marie Charlotte Chevalier, a second-generation Canadian born woman. His father was Antoine Deshetres, who’s roots are somewhat cloudy. It is known that he was born in what was considered New England. He was by some accounts either a master gunsmith or a plain old blacksmith by profession. Unfortunately, his parentage and origin of his surname has been lost by time. Antoine Hyacinthe went with his parents to the settlement of Detroit, though they lived on the side of the St. Clair River that is now Windsor, Ontario. He married Marie Anne Pilet, (great granddaughter of Marie Olivier Sylvestre) on February 6, 1764 at Ste-Anne’s parish and these two had 6 known children. Marie Anne died, and he went on to marry a woman named Marie Petit, though this couple seems to not have produced any children. Despite only 3 of his children surviving to adulthood, Antoine Hyacinthe left a good amount of descendants behind. His daughter Genevieve (my ancestor) married Joseph Mailloux and produced 13 descendants. His son Louis de Gonzague married twice and had twenty children. Son Antoine moved to the settlement of Florissant, in modern St. Louis County, Missouri. Antoine served in the Missouri Militia in the war of 1812, and even though he only had one known son, left a line of descendants there under the anglicized name Dehater. Antoine Hyacinthe was buried January 4, 1796 at Detroit.


5 thoughts on “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Antoine Hyacinthe Deshetres”

  1. Hello my name is joe ,I came across your blog , I am also a descendant of Genevieve Deshetres , from my fathers side , I still live in Windsor Ontario ,just wondering more about your ancestry ,in relationship of Genevieve , also most of the descendants mention in your blog are true to the Windsor area , but back in the early 1800’s ,they would of all live just slightly north of Windsor ,in Pointe Aux Roches ,the French community , also know as Tilbury North ,, I would like to know more about your connection to the family ,, you can email me direct if you wish at jgervais@oulook.com

  2. Also in your blog ,you mention Meloche ,my grandfather’s brother Ovila also married a Meloche , her name was Millie. Ovila ,and my grandfather Harvey ,were also direct ancestors of Marie Olivier Sylvestre , there Mother was Theotiste Desjarlais ,daughter of Suzanne Mailloux , and granddaughter of Antoine Mailloux , Son of Genevieve Deshetres and Joseph Mailloux , like I said in a earlier post ,my name is joe , I live in Windsor Ontario ,Canada ,my father was son of Harvey (as mentioned above) last name Gervais (French) , My father is no longer living ,but his citizenship was “North American Indian Status” he was born in Sandwich East Essex , once again my email ,is jgervais@outlook.com , I would like to hear from you if you wish

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