Ukrainian DNA


Something I am noticing amongst my father’s DNA matches is a recurring coincidence: adoptees. Amazing, really, because even in his more immediate biological family, adoption is a major theme.

I discovered, amongst the French Canadian cousin matches, a handful of matches with Eastern European ancestry (two of whom with adoption stories). Four of them caught my eye; two in particular share the same common segment of DNA with my dad and are within estimated 2nd-5th cousin range. All 4 recount ancestry from western Ukraine. This is good – it confirms that I’m on the right track again and that my what we know to be my father’s parentage is indeed his biological parentage. It also speaks to the fact that the Ukrainians in my tree likely were truly ethnic Ukrainians, not just people passing through, and had been in the same area for centuries.

The next step is exploring these matches’ family trees; with such a close relation as 2nd-5th cousin, I should be able to sniff out some leads. The family tree I know of so far goes back to my father’s great grandparents and their parents.

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