Mappy Monday: Podhajce and Nowosiolka, Ukraine

A Ukraine message board poster presented this map. It’s a compilation of incredibly detailed maps of a large portion of Europe from around 1900.

You can find Danylo’s Novosilka in the southeast, near Lwow (Lviv) and Ivano-Frankivsk. This map uses Polish place names, so Novosilka is “Nowosiolka”.

It’s a good idea to gain an understanding of the geography of the area your ancestor hails from. In my case, I noticed several other Ukrainian families and people on both the Canadian census and the SS Cassandra passenger manifest. 28/50 of the people listed on the same census sheet in Brokenhead as – and therefore neighbours of – Danylo and family were also Ruthenians from Galicia (the other 22 were Polish from Galicia!)

On the same ship as Danylo, travelled 7 other Ruthenian Galicians, including one “Anna Kit”, who I first suspected could maybe be Danylo’s future wife Anna. Anna Kit left behind her mother, named “Maria Podhaja” in Siolka, Galicia (Podhaja = Podhajce??). There are a few others from Siolka as well, and if you notice on the map… Siolka is very close to Nowosiolka, as is the village of Podhajce (Pidhaitsi). It’s not hard to imagine that maybe Danylo travelled with friends, or even relatives, to a new country, so some of his fellow passengers could turn out to be relevant to my research later on!

No concrete evidence of such as of yet, of course, but good all-around knowledge that could be useful later on!!

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