Harry and Mary Koszlak

When I first asked a relative about my Ukrainian family tree, she told me my great great grandfather Danylo had a sister, Mary, and a brother named Harry who had children Fred, Catherine, Peter, Ann and Nancy.

It looks like Hawrylo Koszlak departed from Hamburg, Germany on the SS Kaiserin Victoria May 10, 1911, bound for New York. He was 25 years old and single. His closest relative from the country he came from was his father Prokop Koszlak in Novosilka. Hawrylo’s final destination: Minneapolis, Minnesota where he was going to meet his uncle Pawlo Riluch at 222 7th Ave. (The same address possible relation Jakob Koszlak was going to, one year later!). He was 5’6, with brown hair and grey eyes. His place of birth was listed as Novosilka. Upon his arrival, he was detained, for reasons still unknown to me. I have 3 records of this SS Kaiserin Victoria trip – the Hamburg passenger manifest, New York passenger manifest, and his Detainee record.

“Harry Kosslak” as he soon preferred to be called married Mary (Maria) Lewko in Hennepin County, Minneapolis on January 25, 1913.

Harry seems to have been drafted in 1917 for World War 1. His Draft Registration card is available on Ancestry.com. It states that he is Harry Koszlak, living at 46 Knox ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota. His date of birth is October 28, 1888 in Austrian Galicia. He was a declared citizen of the USA, but still legally a citizen of Austria. He was a labourer, employed by the city of Minneapolis. He was married with 3 children. He had served in the military in Austria for 3 years. He declared exemption from the draft due to his dependants.

The next record of Hawrylo is his appearance on the 1930 US Census. At this time, Harry and Mary had children Fred, Katherine, Peter, Annie and (Nancy) Stella. The 1930 Census of the US was conducted on April 6th of 1930 in Minneapolis – and at this time they appear living in the 129th block of the tenth ward of the city. Harry was employed as a labourer at “Gas Lite Mfg” and Fred was an assembler at “electrical appliance mfg”. The family was Ukrainian (rather than “Ruthenian” as seen on earlier documents) and both Harry and Mary immigrated to the USA in 1911.

Harry died April 16, 1954 in Hennepin County.

(click to enlarge) Harry Koszlak’s WWI Draft Registration Card

3 thoughts on “Harry and Mary Koszlak”

  1. Hello!! I am still following your family searches. Such fun to read about Mary Koszlak Faduck, my grandma. Harry still has one daughter alive….Nancy. I will share your research with her.

    OH…..stop falling down before the wedding you are going to!!!!!!

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