Possible Relation: Jakiw Koszlak?

From his SS Cassandra Passenger Manifest, I know Danylo Koszlak stated that he was going to visit his brother Jakiw at 419 1/2 Aldrich Ave in Minneapolis, Minnesota when he sailed Glasgow-Quebec on the SS Cassandra on June 12, 1910. So, what about this Jakiw?

Jakob Koszlak’s Passenger Manifest for border crossing in February, 1909

The first record I’ve found of “Jakob” Koszlak, is a border crossing from Canada to the USA in February 1909. He is a 32 year old married Ruthenian labourer, living in Beausejour, (very close to Brokenhead) Manitoba. He was planning to go to Deer River, Minnesota to visit his brother-in-law Oleks Szkowik. He was 5’7, brown hair, blue eyes, and born in Novosilka, Galicia. He first landed in Canada at the port of Quebec in May 1907.

Jakob Koszlak’s 1912 passenger manifest crossing from Canada to the USA at Sault Ste. Marie aboard the CPR Railway

Next, a passenger manifest from July 1912, going from Canada to the USA via the Canadian Pacific Railway at Sault Ste. Marie. Jakob was then a 36 year old married labourer who could read and write, from Austria, race recorded as Polish. His last permanent residence was in Montreal, Quebec. His nearest relative in the country he came from is his wife Mary in Novosilka. His final destination this time? Minneapolis, Minnesota, so visit a brother Henry at 222 7th Ave N. He paid for his passage himself and he had $21.00 on him at the time. He had been to the USA before – he was in Minneapolis from February 1909 to April 1911. On June 25, 1912 he had landed in Quebec aboard the SS Pisa.

So, chronologically… Jakob could have been the first Koszlak brother to come to Canada from Novosilka, in 1907. It sounds like he first lived in Beausejour for two years until 1909, then Minneapolis for two years until 1911. Then perhaps he returned home to Novosilka? And came back June 1912 aboard the SS Pisa, landing in Montreal with the intention of settling in Minneapolis permanently. I do have one more passenger manifest for Jakob, from when he landed in Canada on the SS Pisa, but no new information is presented there.

With this information, he should be on the 1910 census of the USA, in Minneapolis. Possibly even the 1920 and 1930 US censuses.There should also be a passenger manifest from May 1907 when he landed in Canada for the first time. The problem probably is, with a name like “Jakiw Koszlak”, spelling and translation errors likely occurred at some point when he was telling foreign officials his information. Jakiw/Jakow/Jacko/Yakov/Jakob Koszlak/Kochlak/Koszelak/Kozlak/Koslack… catch my drift? So to find these other records should be a challenge!

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