Document: SS Cassandra Passenger Manifest

I searched “Dan* Koszlak” on, knowing that Ukrainians probably spelled the surname that way, and Koslak had been somewhat Canadianized, like the name Daniel. The first record that popped up was a match. “Danielo Koszlak” (“Danylo” is a common Ukrainian name).

My transcription of the record below:

Danylo Koszlak, boarded the “SS Cassandra” in Glasgow, Scotland on June 4, 1910 and arrived at Quebec, Canada on June 12, 1910. His place of birth was Nowosiolka (“new settlement”), Austria (I’ll explain why this doesn’t say Ukraine later), and his ethnicity was Ruthenian. He was 18 years old, single and unable to read or write. He left behind his father Rapko (not a common Ukrainian name) in Nowosiolka, Galicia and was on his way to visit his brother Jakow (“Jakiv”) at 419½ Aldrich Ave, Minneapolis, MN, USA. He paid $25.00 for his ticket. His complexion was fair, his hair brown and his eyes blue.

Excerpt from the SS Cassandra’s Passenger Manifest, June 4-12, 1910.

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