Document: The 1916 Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Canada’s prairie provinces saw a large population boom. In addition to taking the census every 10 years(1851, 1861, 1871, etc) as was done for all of Canada at the time, it was decided to take an extra census every 5 years for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta (1906, 1916, etc until 1956 when all of Canada was polled every 5 years) to help keep track of the blooming population.

This is the 1916 entry for the Koszlaks:

Family #97 in Brokenhead Regional Municipality (Township 14, Range 8, Meridian E)
Family head: Daniel Koslak(26 years), wife: Any Koslak(24 years), son: Mich Koslak(2 years) and son: Peter Koslak(10 months)
Birthplaces: Daniel and Any born in Austrian Galicia, Michael and Peter born in Manitoba
Family’s religion: Greek Catholic
Daniel and Any came to Canada in 1912. Citizenship: Austrian for Daniel and Any, Canadian for Michael and Peter
Family’s ethnicity: Ruthenian
Can speak English: only Daniel
Can speak French: none
Family’s mother tongue: Ruthenian
Can read and write: just Daniel
Occupations: Daniel was a farmer, none for the rest
Where was he employed: at a farm

So there’s not a whole lot of new information here on this census except for but approximate birth years for Anna(1891), Michael(1914) and Patrick(1916). Nevertheless, the more reinforcing documentation you can find, the better!

Document: SS Cassandra Passenger Manifest

I searched “Dan* Koszlak” on, knowing that Ukrainians probably spelled the surname that way, and Koslak had been somewhat Canadianized, like the name Daniel. The first record that popped up was a match. “Danielo Koszlak” (“Danylo” is a common Ukrainian name).

My transcription of the record below:

Danylo Koszlak, boarded the “SS Cassandra” in Glasgow, Scotland on June 4, 1910 and arrived at Quebec, Canada on June 12, 1910. His place of birth was Nowosiolka (“new settlement”), Austria (I’ll explain why this doesn’t say Ukraine later), and his ethnicity was Ruthenian. He was 18 years old, single and unable to read or write. He left behind his father Rapko (not a common Ukrainian name) in Nowosiolka, Galicia and was on his way to visit his brother Jakow (“Jakiv”) at 419½ Aldrich Ave, Minneapolis, MN, USA. He paid $25.00 for his ticket. His complexion was fair, his hair brown and his eyes blue.

Excerpt from the SS Cassandra’s Passenger Manifest, June 4-12, 1910.

Document: SS Conte Rosso Passenger Manifest

This is the passenger manifest for my great great grandmother Maddalena DeGrandis’ trip to Canada from Italy with her four sons to join her husband Arnaldo in Windsor, Ontario.

Morianti, Guerrino - Conte Rosso Passenger Manifest

SS Conte Rosso
Passengers sailing from Genoa, Italy, June 3, 1923

Family Name: DeGrandis, sons Morianti
Given Names: Maddalena, sons Augusto, Guerrino, Elio and Bruno
Ages: 37, 11, 7, 3, 2
Sex: Female for Maddalena, male for her sons
Married or single: married for Maddalena, single for her sons
Calling or Occupation: Housewife for Maddalena, Scholar for Augusto and Guerrino, none for Elio and Bruno
Can read/write? Yes for Maddalena, Augusto and Guerrino
Language: Italian
Nationality: Italian
Race or People: North
Last Permanent Residence: Treviso, Castelfranco Veneto
The name of the nearest relative in the country whence alien came: Santa Ambrosi, Maddalena’s mother and the boys’ grandmother, widow in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso)
Final Destination: Ontario, Windsor