Dccument: SS Ancona Passenger Manifest

Morianti, Arnaldo -SS Ancona Passenger Manifest1912

SS Ancona sailing from Genoa, 25th February 1912

3. Morianti, Arnaldo
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Married or single: Married
Calling or Occupation: Labourer
Able to read/write: yes
Nationality: Italian
Race or People: North
Last Permanent Residence: Non Immigrant Alien
The name and complete address of nearest relative in country whence alien came: wife Morianti, Castelfranco Veneto

Document: 1901 Census of Canada, Henri and Cecile Meloche

Meloche, Moise - 1901 Canada Census

Province: Ontario
District No.: 60
SubDistrict No.: B
Polling subdivision No.: 3
in: Anderdon Twp
April 5, 1901

Head of Household
Born 10 Oct 1862
Aged 38
Born in Ontario, Canada
Race: French
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Gamekeeper

Wife Cecilia
Children Alice, Raymond, Ernest, Rose, Lea, Charles and Moses

Here’s an excerpt from the 1901 census of Canada regarding my great great grandfather Moise Meloche and his family. He was just an infant at the time this census was taken, living with his parents Henri and Cecile in Anderdon township, Essex County, Ontario. More specifically, River Canard, where his father earned money as a gamekeeper (in a later census, he is listed as a gamekeeper and a farmer, so I think we can assume they had crops as well).

Interestingly, due to it’s marshy land, River Canard was a popular place for the muskrat farming industry. This may sound a little strange today, but fur trading was still a major industry, and muskrat pelts were a hot commodity! So as a “game keeper” in this area, Henri may have been a muskrat farmer!

I found this record at Ancestry.com, in their 1901 Census of Canada collection.