Document: Ontario Birth Registration of Marie Helene Belleperche


When Born: Feb 4th, 1882
Name: Mary Ellen
Sex – Male or Female: F
Name and Surname of Father: Henry Belleperche
Name and Maiden Surname of Mother: Mathilde Robert
Rank or Profession of Father: Farmer
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Henry Belleperche, Sandwich East
When Registered: Feb 20th
Name of Accoucheur: Mrs. Paquette
Signature of Registrar: Jos. Janisse

Marie Helene (Mary Ellen) Belleperche was my great great grandmother, my father’s father’s mother’s mother.  She was born Feb 4, 1882 in Tecumseh, or Sandwich East Township, Essex County, Ontario. Her name, as well as her father’s (Honore is his official name) have been anglicized in this record, which was not uncommon to do.

Her Ontario Birth Registration record was found on, in their collection “Ontario, Canada, Births 1869-1913”.

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