Record: Edmond Langlois’ Baptism

Edmond Langlois

Baptism 63
Joseph Elie Edmond Langlois
La dix huit septembre, mil huit cent quatre vingt deux, par nous pretre soussigne a ete baptise Joseph Elie Edmond, ne la meme jour du legitime mariage d’Antoine Langlois et Emma Mailloux. Le parrain a ete Louis Mailloux. La marraine Julienne Gignac.

Joseph Elie Edmond Langlois was my great great grandfather, my father’s father’s mother’s father.  He was born September 18, 1882 in Sandwich West Township, Essex County, Ontario, which would become modern day Windsor.  He was baptised at Assumption church the same day as he was born, and his Godparents were Louis Mailloux and Julienne Gignac.

I found his baptism record in Assumption’s church books, which are part of the Ontario Drouin Collection, an effort by the Institut Généalogique Drouin to microfilm French Catholic church records. The Drouin Collection is available on


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