Ancestor Story: Edmond Langlois

My great great grandfather (my father’s father’s mother’s father) Edmond Langlois was born September 17, 1882 in Sandwich West, Essex County, Ontario. His parents were Anthony Langlois and Emma Salome Mailloux. He was baptized “Joseph Elie Edmond” the day after his birth at Assumption church in Sandwich, his godparents were Louis Mailloux and Julienne Gignac.

His father was a farmer, and he also became a farmer. On the census of 1891 when he was 8 years old, he lived with his father, mother, older brother Denis, father’s 65 year old cousin Sophie Belleperche and father’s brother in law, 57 year old Thomas Mailloux, as well as two domiciles, Agnes Reaume and Joseph Dufour. They lived on a lot in Sandwich West Township, North Essex County, part of what would become the city of Windsor, Ontario.

Ten years later in 1901, all the same people resided in the household, minus the domiciles. On October 13, 1903 Edmond married Marie Helene “Lillie” Belleperche in Assumption church. On the 1911 census, Edmond lived at lot 71, 2nd concession in Sandwich West township with his wife, their first two daughters, and his brother Denis.

At the time of the 1921 Census of Canada, Edmond, his wife and their four children lived at 31 Elm Ave. in the city of Windsor. Edmond was employed as a motorman, the driver of an electric street car. Windsor was the first city in Canada to have an electric streetcar system. It was introduced in 1886 and operated until the Great Depression in the 1930’s, when the city could no longer afford to maintain it. Plus, Windsor was now the hub of Canada’s automotive industry, and vehicle ownership was comparatively high, pushing out public transit.

Edmond died December 7, 1952 at age 70.

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