Hi! Welcome to my blog. In this first post I’d like to write a little about the events that led to this blog.

I have always been interested in genealogy, probably because there was so much I never thought I’d know about my ancestors. My mother is of Latvian descent, and for a long time I believed that probably little to no records from this tiny, tumultuous country existed (this is entirely untrue, and I have made quite good progress in finding my Latvian ancestors! My Latvian genealogy blog can be found HERE).

My father, on the other hand, was adopted. We didn’t talk about it much, and he never sought out information about his biological parents. We speculated he could be of Italian or Portuguese descent from his complexion. Then one day, he was contacted by a biological sister who had been hunting down information for decades. We learned that my biological grandparents were of Ukrainian-French Canadian and Italian-French Canadian descent. My father and my newfound aunt stayed in contact through letters and phone calls for years; she lives a fair distance away. Then, more recently (and I’m still not quite sure how!) she discovered the identities (and surnames)of their biological parents. Finally! With surnames, I could begin digging into our genealogy!

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