Document: SS Grampian Passenger Declaration

Morianti, Arnaldo - Grampian Passenger Declaration

SS Grampian
Port: Anvers
Page: 23
Line: 16
Class: 3rd
Date: 2.11.20
Passenger’s Declaration
1. Name: Morianti, Arnaldo
2. Age: 37/Male/Married/Labourer
3. Birthplace: Castelfranco Veneto
Race or People: Italian
4. Citizenship: Italian
5. Religion: Catholic
6. Object in coming to Canada: to work
7. Ever lived in Canada: Yes, in Montreal 1912-1914
8. Why left Canada:
9. Money in posession, belonging to immigrant: 50
10. Able to read: yes
Can you write: yes
11. What language: Italian
12. By whom passage paid: Himself
13. Intend to remain permanently in Canada: yes
14. If admission refused, cause of rejection:
15. Destined to: relative, brother Vittorio Morianti in Montreal
16. Name of Railway on which passenger has order or ticket:
17. Nearest relative in country from whence passenger came: the wife DeGrandis, Maddalena in Castelfranco Veneto

2 NOV 1920

Definition: Ruthenian, Galicia, Novosilka

Ruthenian: The term “Ruthenian” has been used to describe several similar ethnic groups since the bronze age. It is synonymous with “Rusyn” and “Russniak”. When my great great grandfather Danylo Koszlak immigrated to Canada in 1910, the term was used to describe Greek Catholics speaking the Ruthenian language, living in a territory known as “Galicia” at the time.

Galicia: In Danylo’s time, Galicia was an autonomous province in the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in modern day Poland and western Ukraine. The name is taken from the city of Halychyna. Official languages were Polish and Ruthenian/Rusyn (Ukrainian). Galicia saw a huge emigration of its peasantry between 1880 and the start of World War 1 (1914ish) due to its poor economical state and inequalities between Polish landowners and Galician/Ruthenian peasants.

Novosilka: Novosilka is a village in the modern-day Pidhaytsi/Podhajce raion (“county”), Ternopil oblast (“province”) of Ukraine. In Danylo’s time, it was known as Nowosiolka, Berezanskyi/Brzezanskiy raion, Tarnopol, Galicia (Austrian empire). Until 1939, mainly Polish was used on documents from this area.

Document: 1901 Census of Canada, Henri and Cecile Meloche

Meloche, Moise - 1901 Canada Census

Province: Ontario
District No.: 60
SubDistrict No.: B
Polling subdivision No.: 3
in: Anderdon Twp
April 5, 1901

Head of Household
Born 10 Oct 1862
Aged 38
Born in Ontario, Canada
Race: French
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Gamekeeper

Wife Cecilia
Children Alice, Raymond, Ernest, Rose, Lea, Charles and Moses

Here’s an excerpt from the 1901 census of Canada regarding my great great grandfather Moise Meloche and his family. He was just an infant at the time this census was taken, living with his parents Henri and Cecile in Anderdon township, Essex County, Ontario. More specifically, River Canard, where his father earned money as a gamekeeper (in a later census, he is listed as a gamekeeper and a farmer, so I think we can assume they had crops as well).

Interestingly, due to it’s marshy land, River Canard was a popular place for the muskrat farming industry. This may sound a little strange today, but fur trading was still a major industry, and muskrat pelts were a hot commodity! So as a “game keeper” in this area, Henri may have been a muskrat farmer!

I found this record at, in their 1901 Census of Canada collection.

Arnaldo Morianti

Morianti, Arnaldo - Detroit Border Crossing Picture

Arnaldo was born December 3rd, 1882 in the comune of Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Italy. He had at least one brother, who was named Vittorio “Vito”. Arnaldo and Vittorio are said to have been foundling orphans. This means basically their parents abandoned them – likely either their economic situation did not allow the parents to care for them properly, or they were illegitimate. This was definitely not uncommon in Italy at the time, and usually churches would govern over the care of these children, in orphanages.

In any case, Arnaldo grew up, and at age 28 he married Maddalena DeGrandis on February 7th, 1911 in Castelfranco Veneto. Their first son Augusto Luigi was born almost exactly 9 months later on October 4, 1911. A strong custom in Italy is to name your first born son after the paternal grandfather. This could hint at Arnaldo’s parentage, if he had known of his parents at all. Unfortunately chances are I will never know.

On February 25, 1912 Arnaldo set sail from the port of Genoa, on the SS Ancona bound for Montreal, leaving his wife and new baby son behind in Italy, likely to find work. The ship passed through the port of New York, USA and he signed his name at Ellis Island on March 13th, 1912. He didn’t stay long, and returned to Italy in 1914. He and Maddalena had 2 more sons, in 1916 and 1919. Maddalena was pregnant with their fourth and final son when Arnaldo left for Canada again, this time aboard the SS Grampian. He landed in Canada on November 2nd, 1920, bound to meet his brother Vittorio in Montreal again. He did not stay in Montreal long, moving to Windsor, Ontario to work at Chrysler’s assembly plant located there. Vittorio is said to have gone to Argentina.

On June 3rd, 1923 Maddalena and his four sons boarded the SS Conte Rosso and joined him in Canada for good. The family became naturalized Canadian citizens on July 22, 1924. He was a labourer in Windsor for the remainder of his life, and passed away on his 71st birthday, December 3, 1953.

Document: Maddalena DeGrandis’ Border Crossing

Maddalena Border Crossing

Port of Detroit, Michigan June 26, 1928
Family Name: Morianti
Given Name: Maddalena
Accompanied by: Husband Arnaldo
Age: 44 years, 7 months
Sex: F
Married or Single: M
Occupation: Housewife
Place of Birth: Castelfranco, Italy
Nationality: Canada
Born: Italian
Read and write: yes
Languages spoken: Italian
Money shown: None
Last Permanent Residence: Canada, Windsor
Destination: Detroit, Michigan
Passage paid by: Husband
Ever in U.S.: ?
Going to join: Sister Josephine DeGrandis 11821 Russell St, Detroit
Purpose in coming: to visit
Height: 5 ft, 2 inches (?)
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Blk
Eyes: Brown
Name and address of nearest relative or friend in the country from whence alien came: Friend Mr. Carasin, 331, Wellington St, Windsor
Port of Landing: New York
Date of Landing: 1920
Name of S.S.: Ancona

This is a record of my great great grandmother Maddalena DeGrandis crossing the US/Canada border at Windsor/Detroit, apparently to visit her sister Josephine (Giuseppina in Italian). I am not sure if Josephine really was her biological sister though. I did find records for Giuseppina as well, noting her birthplace as Castelfranco Veneto.  However, in her marriage record to an Edward Barduca, her parents are not the same DeGrandis couple in this record as Maddalena’s. Perhaps they were actually cousins?

I found this record on, in their collection “Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957

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